Friday, May 30, 2008

Sitting Halfway from Both Homes

Im in LAX (Los Angelos Airport) waiting for my next flight. It's 5:00 PM here and we have to wait till 11:00 PM to fly to Charlotte. Sitting here I am missing both my home in WV and my home in the Philippines. Looking back over the trip, it has flown by and in way has felt like one long day instead of 2 weeks. I am physically worn out and emotionally drained. The trip was a nonstop 2 week explosion of sights, sounds, and smells. I did my best to take in every moment and savor it. Right now I feel overloaded and overwelmed with emotion. While the trip seemed to have lasted for such a short time, it seems like years of thoughts and experiences have filled it. I made new friends from both the US and the Philippines. I really enjoyed getting to meet the rest of the mission team from New Orleans. We had a great time getting to know one another. We played spades every night, and Bobby and I beat Jay and Daniel everytime. I also met new people in Dumaguete City including Giavani who was a great help in door to door evengalism. I really enjoyed being able to hang out with my girlfriend Rowina "Weng" in the evening time. During the day, she had to work but she would join us for the eveing meal and other mission activities. I miss her quite a lot. I also enjoyed learning more Cebuano. I took four semesters of German in college but I know more Cebuano in just two trips to the Philippines. My brain kind of hurts from thinking so much. I am looking forward to begin home with all my American comforts but at the same time I feel guilty because many of my Filipino friends will never get to experience anything like that. I have a lot of work ahead of me in editing the video footage. I will try and get it finished as soon as possible.
The flight out of Dumaguete was so sad. I hate having to say goodbye to Weng and the rest of my friends. They all are sad and crying. To see their beautiful brown eyes and smiles crying because I am leaving is overwelming. I can not wait to go back. Please keep me in your prayers , as I try to raise the money to go back in January for a longer trip.

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