Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beverly Hills well almost

We made it to LA and are waiting on the super long flight to Hong Kong. So far it has been a great trip. Flying abov the clouds I noticed something. What makes me most fearful of flying is having no control. Unlike when Im driving the car on a plane I am at the mercy of the pilot. I have no control of what happens and my life is in someone elses hands. It takes faith and trust that the pilot knows what he is doing and how to get you there safely. A walk with God is a lot like that. Ultimately we are not in control but God is. The key is to put complete trust in God. To have faith that God knows the destination and how to get you there safely. To trust in Christ is the the Ultimate goal of a christian. Anyways I dont have much time because im using one of those pay computers in the airport. I will see you in the Philippines. Thanks for the prayers.

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