Thursday, July 24, 2008


So the other day, I watched several videos on youtube saying that Barrack Obama is the antichrist. Now of couse, the videos were full of misinformation and half truths, but they did get me thinking. I won't got as far as to declare Obama the anti-christ, but I will say that he is a very bad choice. He is the most liberal senator in the senate and would gladly put an end to capitalism. A lot of his ideas are old outdated ideas about wealth redistribution. It is about taxing the rich, just because they are rich. He talks of hope and change, but his real message is government dependent living. JFK once said, ask not what your country can do for you. Obama's message is demand all you can from your government.
But the scary thing, is his rise to worldwide fame. His cult like status among the electorate. Just today he spoke to thousands and thousands in Germany. I will applaud him on his cunning use of media. The media have been eating out of his hand. Some of the photos from his road trip have been downright inspiring works of art. It is creepy. The following news story is about Obama's campaign plastering the western wall in Jerusalem with campaign posters. This is disrespectful and would be something that the anti-Christ would do.

The real problem for me with Obama, is that he shows how easy it would be for a very evil person to rise to power in our world. I do not know if Obama is as evil as alot of the conservatives make him out to be, but I do know that the path he is taking is scary.

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