Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I love tomatoes. I couldn't imagine eating a taco, hamburger,salad, chicken sandwich without one. But thanks to 100 people getting sick from I can't get them at any restaurant. Now I am all for safety and keeping good cleanliness with food, but I think the food market is overreacting. They are blowing the whole thing out of proportion. I believe they are making 2 mistakes.
1. 100 people out of how many million people eat tomatoes daily. I like my odds there. I have better odds of winning the lottery. I will take my chances that the tomato on my hamburger will be ok.
2. The real problem I have is they don't even know if it is the tomatoes causing the salmonellae poison. Yet stores by droves are recalling tomatoes and hurting farmers in florida and other great states. A couple of years ago we had a scare about green onions and it ended up being spinach that was the culprit. Taco Bell to this days doesn't serve green onions.

I know the sensible thing is to stop selling until we know for sure. But dangit, I want tomato.

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