Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Civil War

There's a civil war going on right now inside my very being and it is anything but civil. It has been raging since the day of my second birth. The day I was born again marks the first shots fired in this internal war. On one side are all the forces of the flesh and sinful nature, supported by Satan and the entire realm of darkness. At a first glance it may seem like that side has the upper hand. But on the other side is something infinitely greater and more powerful, namely the Holy Spirt, Christ, and the Father. There will be many victories and defeats for me spiritually but what the dark side doesnt realize is that the war was one in the opening shots. The day I was born again, the day the war started, was the day the war was won.
Even though the war was won, the enemy will still fight until the final breath. There are many times in my life when I seem to be coming off of victory after victory to only be landed with defeats. It seems that in the moments after my biggest victories, I am handed my biggest defeats. These defeats are very dark times and almost seem to be the enemy winning the war.
But there is great news, God can turn our biggest defeats into victories. In fact our biggest defeats to the flesh can become in the hands of God, our most triumphant moments. If I stand out of the way and let God do the fighting, then He can turn these darkest moments into brightness.
In fact, one day Satan will think that he has landed the fatal blow. My body, my flesh, and the armies of darkness will work together and defeat me for all time in death. I will be killed. It is in this moment, the moment when the enemy will begin to celebrate their victory, that God will accomplish the most miraculous event ever. The defeat of death, will not be a defeat at all, but will be my final victory. The civil war will be completely over. In death, God will give me life.
Satan and darkness, will not be triumphant. They will be embarrassed and left completely dead.

The victory was secured at the beginning of the war, and it is secured at the end of the war. It is only up to me to claim victory throughout my life. God has given us victory over sin. God has cut off the chains of bondage.

Thank you God for saving me. Your love shown on the cross has defeated death, sin, and I love you for it.

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