Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day befor Flight

Today is Sunday May 18th and I am at church waiting for the service to start. I thought I would throw up a quick update. We are flying out tommorrow at 1pm from Huntington. We will then undertake several flights totatling to about 37 hours. Tommorrow will be one of the longest days for me in my life literally. We will leave here 1:30 and arrice in California at 6:56pm. We will have gained 3 hours in the day and it only gets longer from there. We will fly out later that evening at almost midnight but it will remain monday for about 15 more hours. Then through the miracle of flight and time zones we will skip tuesday all together and arrive in Hong Kong on wednesday. Then from there its a couple hop skips and a jump to manilla and our final destination of D City. I am very excited for the trip and havnt slept in the past 2 nights. I will try to finish packing today and hopefully get some rest before tommorrow. I may be able to post tommorrow morning before I leave but if not I will post at the next available opportunity. See you then.

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