Friday, April 4, 2008

Number 10: Exodus by Andy Hunter

Coming in at number 10 on my all time top ten albums is Andy Hunter's Exodus. This may be the most obscure of my top ten listing but most people will recognize a few tracks. If you have seen The Italian Job or the trailer to The Matrix: Reloaded, than you have heard Andy Hunter. Hunter is a DJ from the UK who came out with his debut CD, Exodus, in 2002 on the Sparrow and Nettwerk America labels. Along with films, his music has been in car commercials and video games.
Exodus is a voyage into the expanse of creation and uncovering the Creator. It begins with the bold and energizing "Go" which renowned DJ Tiesto uses in his set. "Go" is also featured in The Italian Job. It begins with a slow emotional synthesized strings intro then leads into a classic electronic dance music beat with "Go, Go" vocals by Hunter himself. "The Wonders of You," which was featured on The Matrix: Reloaded trailer follows "Go". It is just as energizing as "Go" throughout the song but employs more vocals provided by Hunter as well as a short rap by Lyle Day. "The Wonders of You" then fades into "Radiate", which also has some vocals by Hunter. After "Radiate" a beautiful string-quartet intro leads into Hunter's 1st single: "Amazing." This song truly is amazing with outstanding vocals provided by Christine Glass. This is probably my favorite song on the album, because the lyrics speak for the soul and musically it's flawless, energizing and beautiful, making any listener want to get up and dance. "Amazing" ends with the same beautiful string progression as in the beginning.

After this "amazing song" comes the one flaw on the album that keeps it from being higher in my top ten. It is a song called "show me" and it a bit downtempo. It is not really a flaw in production or song quality but the first time I was listing to it, I mistook the lyrics of " Show Me" to sound like " Joey". It kind of creaped me out because it is in a whisper voice. So now every time I hear it, I can't help but think of it that way.
This leads to "Translucent" which is similar to "Show", but this time with beautiful vocals provided by Cathy Burton. "Translucent" then fades with another flawless transition into "Angelic" which retains the feel of the previous two songs but has an upbeat edge with a steady drum beat. A piano solo of a simple but appropriate theme continues throughout the whole song. It then fades into "Sandstorm Calling" which is quite upbeat and sounds like a classic Trance song, but it is not quite as energizing as the first three tracks. After a quick transition, "Strange Dream" begins with an obscure looped vocal sample that retains the trance-like quality of "Sandstorm Calling." It also has continuing vocals of "Strange and funny dream" repeated throughout the later half of the song. Another awesome transition leads to the final track, "Intercessional" which is another classic Trance anthem. By the conclusion of the album, the journey is complete and the listener has been ushered into the very presense of God. While this album is not "praise and worship" so to speak, I find myself praising God all through out it.
So coming at number ten on my top ten albums is Exodus.

Stay tuned for next time as we go back into the 60's for Number 9: Sgt Peppers Lonely Heartclub Band.

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