Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maayong Buntag

Hey, I thought I would take a break from writing such long posts for a couple days. I have another rather lengthy one in the works about Calvinists and Armenians. But in the meantime here is a slide show that I made. It of the january 2008 mission trip to the Philippines that my church takes. I was able to go in 2007 and will be going back in may of this year. Enjoy the slide show.

If you would like to help support missions in the Philippines, your help would be greatly appreciated. Just contact me at for more info.

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C.J. said...

Great slide show. It really captures a feel for the place and for the people of Negros Oriental.
I'm glad that you will be going with us in May, and I would encourage anyone reading this to prayerfully and financially offer support in any amount. "Little is much if God is in it!: