Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conspiracy Theory?

Hello everyone. I'm still researching the calvin armenian post but in the meantime im going to start something new on my blog. I am going to start posting news stories that don't receive much coverage but should. These stories are hopefully going to provide just a little more insight into world politics. I believe that the world is heading in a direction where Christ's return is right around the corner. I have recently been researching a lot of conspiracy theories. There are a whole bunch of them including some that blame our government for 9/11.
Here are a couple of links that I think you should check out:
This is a very interesting video about 9/11
This is a very interesting video about a chip.

Now do I believe the conspiracy theories? Yes and no. I believe that people who follow conspiracy theories, look around at the events of today and see design. They see a flow that seems to fit something sinister. I believe that to. I believe that there is design in 9/11, the terrorists, and the North American Union.
and Verichip
But I do not believe that there is a group of people behind all this. I believe Satan is behind it. He is plotting, planning, and manipulating the world. The Bible says, Satan is like a lion, going about the world, looking for those to devour. The Bible also calls Satan the father of lies. He is the great deceiver. I believe that when we look at world events from a big picture point of view, we will see his presense. So with that in mind I am going to try and post news stories every once in a while that point to that big picture. I am going to post stuff that points to the goals of Islam in destroying Israel and subjugating the world to Islamic Law. I am also going to post stories that show how Satan is working through our own government to complete his ultimate goal. Hopefully on my way you will become a little more educated on prophesy and world politics.

so here are the first two stories:
This continues to show the goals that Iran and other countries have.

The next story shows our government giving Syria technology that they may use against us in the future. I'm not sure why our government would do this.

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