Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The People Behind the Hero

I want to take the time to blog a little about some of the people who have been there for me from the beginning. I have been blessed to have been given two of the greatest people on earth as parents. I know most people will say nice things about there parents and but I am so thankful to God for them. They have been there with me every step of the way helping me, cheering me on, and loving me.
My father has been a great example of someone being obedient to God. He has been faithful to God's call on his life, even when that meant quitting a 20 year job to go back to college and become a minister. That had to be a hard thing to do. But my dad was faithful and God has rewarded him by taking care of him and his family. My dad is now the WV State Music Director for the WV Convention of Southern Baptists. I have learned to be faithful to God because of him. My dad has also taught me patience and gentleness. I can honestly say that I do not know anyone who does not like my dad. He goes out of his way to be kind and helpful to everyone. My dad also taught me a respect for the outdoors, guns, and BEES! My dad and I are terrified of wasps. I can remember one time, when my father, my brother and myself went squirrel hunting. After a long day of hunting without seeing one squirrel ( we saw about a million deer) we were going to bed down in the hayloft of a barn. All three of us climbed up the wooden ladder into the loft and began to lay out our sleeping bags. I began to notice that there seemed to be a lot of flies buzzing about the air. My brother David noticed it too, and said "Dad how are we going to sleep with all these flies up here?" That was when the look on dad's face changed to sheer horror as he said, "Those aren't flies, those are hornets." And thats when I not only saw the hornets but felt them. What happened next is a blur but I can remember dad throwing our sleeping gear out of the loft, jumping out, and running. While we were running dad was patting us down, trying to get the hornets off. I know it hurt but I couldnt help but laugh. We finally made it out and spent the night sleeping under the stars. Im still afraid of hornets.

My mom has been an awesome mother. She has shown me an example of Jesus's humility and hard work. She has put in many thankless hours cooking, cleaning, and taking care of me. My mom in her relationship with my dad, has shown me what a biblical wife should be like. As the song goes, I want someone like my dear ol mom. She has been supportive of my dad and I know he wouldn't be able to be the minister he could be without her. She cares for her family like a mother lion cares for her pride. My mom is also someone I can take my cares too and she will listen. We have not always seen eye to eye but she has always been on my side and my biggest fan. She can also make great desserts and has been to known to be the "light" of the birthday party. One time my brother Josh was celebrating a birthday. The entire family was gathered around the table to wish him a happy day you were born day. My mom had baked a delicious cake and decorated it with candles. The candles were lit and we sang happy birthday. My mom leaned in to give Josh a hug but her hair got a little too close to the cake. I wanted to move to help but all I could do was laugh. Her hair was now ablaze and no one did anything but laugh. She patted it out and then joined us in the laughter. We have never let her live it down.

I am so very thankful for the parents God gave me. I have not been the best son. I have had some very heated arguments with them, but they still love me. I am most thankful that they have shown me God's love and grace. No matter how stupid I have been they have shown me forgiveness. They have also shown me the Gospel. They took me to church from the first week out of the womb. They have constantly prayed for me and I appreciate them. I know that no matter what this life has in store because of their faithfulness to God, I have come to know Jesus personally. I hope and pray that one day I can be a parent as good as them.

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C.J. Adkins said...

Great folks.
I am proud to call them my friends and my brother and sister in Christ.

I can picture Randy running from the hornets, but I just can't seem to imagine Debbie with her hair on fire. Michael Jackson - yes. Debbie Spurgeon - not so much!