Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is my favorite holiday. It a day to celebrate life and Irish Culture. It is unlike so many other holidays in that it isn't even a recognized national holiday in the US, yet it is celebrated here. For me, my affection for St. Patrick's day began back in kindergarten. My mum had told me that on St. Paddy's day you have to wear green or you will get pinched. Now I hated to be pinched so of course I wore green. My mother always says wearing green brings out the color in my eyes which are green and the reddish tint to my hair. I also thought that since I wore green I was given authority to pinch anyone who didn't. I learned the hard way that was not so.

It was in kindergarten class that I spied a guy named David Wolferd minding his own business and not wearing the color of Ireland. So I made my way over to his desk in the middle of class and got my fingers ready. I grabbed a large chunk of baby fat and flesh and gave it a big squeeze. Oh Dave would know from then on out to always
wear green on St. Patrick's Day. He let out a whelp and my teacher looked at me with demon eyes. It was in that moment that I realized David was of German descent and probably didn't have to wear green. I probably should not have pinched him either. I was marched straight to the principals office where I was informed that not everyone celebrates St. Paddy's day. Well the Luck o' the Irish was with me that afternoon because David accepted my apology and I was allowed to go back to class unpunished. In a side note, it would be about 7 years later that David would get his revenge by writing with a pen on my brand new leather cowboys jacket. I should have pinched him harder. Well since then, I have worn green and celebrated St. Paddy's day.
So as you are drinking your pint of Guinness, eating some shepherd's pie, and listening to celtic music today, remember don't pinch the Germans because they will get revenge.

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