Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Stuff

Congrats! New York Giants for doing the unthinkable. While everyone is amazed at them beating the unbeaten Patriots, I am just as amazed at their run through the playoffs. They beat the top 3 NFL teams in a row. They beat the Dallas Cowboys who had the best NFC record. They beat the Packers who were on a dream year themselves. And then finally the Giants knocked off the NFL's Goliath The Patriots. This goes to show that the underdog can still win. Also a short note from the superbowl. The leading rusher was Ahmed Bradshaw, a former Marshall University player. Marshall University had a staggering amount of players in the Super Bowl. Only Miami U had more players.

Now for some quick news stories.

Ron Paul is going to be in Charleston, WV at 9:30 AM on Tuesday. The WV Republican Convention is that day and Dr. Paul is the only presidential candidate coming.
Go here to learn more about this revolutionary candidate.

Hillary Clinton let loose how she is going to force everyone to have medical insurance. She is going to garnish wages. I thought we defeated communism back in the 80's.

Terrorists continue there suicide bombing of Israel

Two women convicted of Adultery will be stoned to death in Iran. They are most likely innocent but will be stoned to death anyways. Reminds me of a story from the Bible where Jesus saved a woman from stoning.

2/4/2008 (Pattani, Thailand) - Islamists detonate a bomb outside a boarding school, killing one person.
2/4/2008 (Dimona, Israel) - A Palestinian suicide bomber murders an Israeli woman at a shopping mall.
2/4/2008 (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) - A suicide bomber rams his car into a minibus carrying medical personnel, killing at least eight.
2/3/2008 (Baquba, Iraq) - Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen attack a home, killing four young Sunnis.
2/3/2008 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Islamic militia blow up a minibus, killing eight civilians and maiming nine more.

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