Saturday, February 2, 2008

More News

2/2/2008 (Yala, Thailand) - A rubber tapper is shot to death by Muslim militants on his way to work.
2/1/2008 (Baghdad, Iraq) - al-Qaeda sends two women with Down's Syndrome into two pet markets, then detonates each remotely, slaughtering about one hundred other innocents.
2/1/2008 (Mosul, Iraq) - A 12-year-old boy is taken out by Sunni radicals.
2/1/2008 (Kut, Iraq) - The Mujahideen fire into a bus terminal, killing two Iraqis.
2/1/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Two elderly men are murdered by Islamic gunmen in separate attacks.
2/1/2008 (Nouakchott, Mauritania) - Bearded Jihadis shout 'Allah Akbar' and open up on the Israeli embassy with automatic weapons, injuring three bystanders.

Hezbollah continues its threats against the existence of Israel in this video.

Tax Denier Movement (Click here to find out More)
Wesley Snipes is cleared of Tax Evasion giving strength to tax denier movement.

Tony Blair to be president of Europe?

People suffering from Downs Syndrome tricked into being suicide bombers.

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