Friday, February 1, 2008

help needed

the following is an email from CJ Adkins, the pastor at my church.

I received an e-mail from Pastor Valdez' wife (Villa) regarding John Carlo Zerna (the 10 year old son of Mayaposi Baptist Church pastor Joseph Zerna). He is hospitalized in Dumaguete since January 27 with Dengue fever (a potentially fatal misquito borne illness). For more information on Dengue see

His hospital bills total over 20,000 pesos or $500. That is nowhere near what a hospital stay in the US would cost, but a HUGE amount for someone who has no insurance and earns about $6.00 per day. I have known this little boy since he was two years old. It was a blessing to see him playing a "beat box" (they don't have any actual drums) in the worship services there last month.

I do not know what to do about this except to give this matter to the Lord and share the need with each of you. I am planning to send them some money by next Wednesday. While I certainly don't have $500 to spare, I know that God does. If there is anyone out there who would like to help with this need, tax deductible contributions can be made to:

Beacon Ministries, Inc.
317 - 49th Street
Ashland, KY 41101

If you feel led to help with this, please do so before Wednesday. "Little is much when God is in it". A receipt will be provided for any contribution to this need. Above all, pray for John Carlo and his family. Whatever monies we can collect by Wednesday, we will purchase a moneygram and it will be wired to their account the same day. I am including Mrs. Valdez' entire email for your information. You can also see a photo of John Carlo and his family, Joseph, Juvy, and sister Rhea Mae by clicking on the link below to "For What It's Worth".

Here is Mrs. Valdez' email (followed by today's devotional thought)
Thanks in advance for your prayers and for any possible financial help.

Dear Bro.C.J.,
How is everybody?Pastor Doming is okay. We are all
well except for John Carlo who is still very weak up
to now. He was confined at the Silliman University
Medical Center since last Sunday,January 27th because
of "Dengue" sickness. He had severe complications of
the kidney,edema,leakage of plasma and hematocret
problem. His platelets went up to 27 which is very low
and very critical. He was closely monitored by the
doctors because of his very critical and dangerous
situation. This gives me a very big problem because
I'm so financially drain and hard up.
This is our urgent request, please help us. We need
your prayers and financial help for John Carlo
Zerna(son of Joseph Zerna,MSBC pastor in
Mayaposi,Mabinay,Oriental Negros,Philippines).
Today,by the grace of God, he is well and soon to be
discharged from the hospital as soon as we can pay the
very big amount of hospital bills and doctor's fee
that surprised and shocked me so much because it
amounted to twenty thousand pesos(P 20,000.00) as of
today January 31st. In this connection, we are
appealing to your kind hearts to please help us pay
this abovementioned amount to the hospital and to the
doctor handling his case.
I'm deeply sorry for having failed to inform you
earlier about this bad news about John Carlo. I hope
that you understand me. I look forward to seeing you
all in May 21st 2008 here in the Philippines.
Thank you so much and God bless you all!!!
Very sincerely yours,

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