Monday, February 11, 2008


If you have been following the life of this blog you will have noticed a change since the beginning. At first this blog consisted mostly of short essays and has progressed to a more of a news story format. I wanted to write a short post to explain the though process behind this change.

I believe firmly that one of the greatest gifts God has given us is our ability to learn. I think one of the greatest responsibilities a Christian can have is to educate them self. Does this mean that one has to be a great theologian or scholar to be a Christian? No. The Bible says that unless we come to Christ with the faith of a child then we can not inherit the kingdom. This means that someone does not have to know everything there is to know about Christianity to become a Christ Follower. They just need simple faith. But the Bible also encourages us to grow. The problem today is that too many Christians have come into the faith like a child and have not matured into Christian Adults. There are various reasons for this lack of growth but I think one reason is malnutrition, so to speak.

I firmly believe that Christians above all people should be encouraged to learn. We should first and foremost learn God's word. Without the knowledge of God's word, all other pursuits of knowledge will come up short. But a Christian's education should not end with Bible knowledge but should continue to all realms of life. Church goers today suffer from a lack of understanding in History, Science, Current Events, and the Arts.

In the middle ages, Christian Europe gave rise to universities. This is one of the many lasting legacies we owe Christianity. Christian's today need to take charge in the efforts of education and learning. With a better understanding of The Church's history, Christian's can learn from past mistakes and triumphs. I also think that we should have a proper view of the world around us. By looking at current events we can see the design of God and the influence of Satan in the world.

So with that said, I hope to help in this area. I will continue to try and provide thoughtful essays on Christian life, history, and theology. I will also attempt to provide a home for current news stories that hopefully reveal something about the world around us. I hope that this blog will continue to be a place of learning for both you and me.

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