Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Hero's Blog

Hey guys, Welcome to The Hero's blog. Iv'e been posting for a while on myspace but have decided to jump ofer to blogspot and start blogging here as well. So anyways this is now my home and I am going to be blogging about everything. I am going to start off this blog with a post I made on myspace a while back. I think it is one of my better ones. I hope you like.

The following is a story about Buddha. It is a neat story and I think it has a degree of wisdom in it.An ordinary guy came to see the Buddha to get help with his problems. " my roof leaks, I don't have enough money, my neighbors are noisy, my boss hates me, my kids are messy and disrespectful, my knee hurts and I'm losing my hair. And don't even get me started about my wife. " and he went on to describe all his problems in great detail while the buddha smiled and listened patiently.When the guy was done complaining, he asked the Buddha, "so, how can you help me ?""I can't help you", said the Buddha."HUH? What kind of teacher are you?", said the guy, "why did I come all the way here for you to tell me that? And what the hell are you smiling about?"The buddha said, "Everyone has 83 problems. Sometimes we fix one, but it is guaranteed that another will pop up in its place. It's just life. I can't help you with your 83 problems, but I can fix your 84th problem.""What is my 84th problem?"."Your 84th problem is that you don't want to have any problems."Buddhism teaches you that problems are a fact of life. And that our biggest problem is trying to escape all of our other problems. As a Christian, I see some wisdom in this. I have a lot of problems. Im not sure if there are 83 problems or not but Im sure it is close. The Bible says, "In this life you will have troubles." It is a fact of life. The sun shines on the good and the bad, The rain rains on the good and the bad. Buddhism teaches that our real problem is trying to avoid problems. It is focusing on our problems. And once again this is probably wise. Who knows how many times I have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire by trying to escape pain. Who knows how much stress I have had by focusing on my problems. Focusing on problems and living our lives trying to escape them is wrong. How we handle the problems and stress is what makes us. For Buddhists they are taught to detach themselves and live in the here and now. To realize that now is the moment. To realize that the human is the person in charge and can make the difference. As a Christ follower, I believe I have a much better hope. then just becoming detached and living in the now. I have a bright hope in Jesus. My focus should not be on my problems but on Jesus. He is my vision, my goal, my zen. Jesus has secured victory. My problems are not just something to be detached from but they are victories. I can look forward to a day where Christ will reign victoriously over all my problems. I know that one day all 84 of my problems will be gone. That is reason to celebrate.


Annie said...

Hi - So you're anticipating May...are you going to the Philippines?

TheHero said...

Yeh Im going to the philippines in may